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FLN WonderBox

Educational activities in a subscription box for children

At Magic Crate, Swati worked on over 50 original activities for children aged 2.5 to 8 over the span of one and a half years.
started as the second full-time designer in the company. It was a crash course in design and user testing with children. She also gained expertise in mass production, shipping, procurement, customer service, packing and warehouse management. 

It was the most exciting time for this company that grew from a team of 7 then to about 100 today. Here, she grew a serious interest in design for education.


A few examples of the DIY projects sold by the company are below. 


Check out their website here:

puzzle that shows historic images with a red filter.

History Mystery

Age: 6 to 8

Theme: Little Historian

Find prehistoric ruins in the modern scene depicted by your puzzle, and learn how history can be found all around us if we look with a different lens.

Experiment with a red coloured filter and discover what colours disappear.

Projector, story telling

Story Projector

Age: 6 to 8

Theme: Little Film Maker

Assemble your own projector, create a series of slides that tell a story and put on a show for your family.


Experiment with light and colours and with different story styles. 

Mutlicultural dolls

Cultural Show

Age: 4 to 6

Theme: Little Globetrotter

Dress dolls from countries of the world, and match them with the flags of that country. Put on a fun dance show, complete with a rotating stage, with two dancers from each country.

Geographical features of the earth, mapping

Plains and Terrains

Age: 4 to 6

Theme: Little Globetrotter

Refer to 2D maps to create the same topography in 3D, or make your own imaginary lands and weave stories around them.

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