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Glossary Terms Research 

The Life Skills Collaborative is the collective of 17 NGOs in India that are working together to create a common understanding of life skills terms and assessments, funded by four state governments. 

The Collaborative is one of the first efforts in India to standardize the vast landscape of Life Skills, SEL, Value Education, Entrepreneurship education, 21st Century Skills education in India and develop a common understanding of this space. 

For this project, we spoke to many experts in the field and read through research to establish a glossary of Life Skills terms relevant to India. The glossary is freely available here:

life skills.jpg

This was a 7 month long project for us, and we worked primarily in collaboration with The Teacher Foundation (

The effort that all these established organizations put into coming to a common understanding and working together, despite the scale of the project pulling the pace down is commendable. Organizations like Dream a Dream, CSSL, and ICRW were working parallel to TTF at the time. While the glossary research was underway, they coordinated the teams, created sample assessments, provided access to teachers on the ground for surveys and facilitated more expert conversations. The Harvard Easel Lab's Explore SEL team was also involved, and worked to create a comparative visualization tool for India that included SEL and Life Skills frameworks created in India.  

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