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Inside Out Emotions

This was a student project at Stanford. Swati, along with Dana Lee Kraliceck, Lisa von Rabenau developed this 'phygital' program that makes social-emotional learning more accessible in classrooms.

'Inside Out' is a three-part online and activity-based tool for middle school classrooms that makes social-emotional learning accessible and supports teachers to track emotions and facilitate SEL activities.


This project was exhibited at Interaction Design and Children conference, at Trondheim, Norway in 2018.

Research suggests that children with better social-emotional skills have greater academic success, but most schools still do not have a fixed social-emotional learning (SEL) curriculum. Using Inside Out, students can evaluate how they experience and express emotion, understand others' emotional states and address these emotions through guided SEL activities in the classroom.

Our initial demonstration received positive feedback, and we observed high engagement from children and teachers.

Full article available here

Program Overview

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