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Museum of Solutions: Online Challenges for Children

A very exciting museum for children is coming up in Mumbai - one that focuses on the Sustainable Development Goals, through physical objects and interactive exhibits. During the Pandemic, their work slowed down and they wanted to create some content for children to experience the SDGs at home. With this in mind, we created a set of activities based on a few SDGs. Each activity was a part of a larger story and would be hosted on a platform called MuSo.D; which would host challenges for children to act on, using things commonly found at home. Themes like Food, Crime, Fake News etc. were chosen to get children interested in the SDGs. 

We worked with Tropic Design from Goa to ideate and create the set of activities and instructions and much-loved children's book author Bijal Vachharajani to perfect the language for these activities.  The content was tested with groups of children offline by the Muso.D team. 

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Working on the missions

The MuSo.D project was the first project for which we created purely written content, and the writing was aimed directly at children. While objects for children or language aimed at adults while working with children are old news to us, getting the "voice" right was very interesting. 

At the same time, the framework we were working with was created by SDG experts, and some of the ideas that were being distilled into activities were complex. All in all a great experience, do check out some of the missions in the link above!

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