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Teenagers talk about Mental Health

India ranks second in the world for teen suicide. Yet, the topic of mental health is scarcely recognized or discussed. Schools rarely employ counsellors. Teachers may notice students struggling, but they have insufficient knowledge and minimal access to relevant information to provide them support. Culturally, parents are highly invested in their child’s development, but struggle to have conversations about emotions with their teen-aged children. 'Baatein', is a magazine that guides teenagers, parents and teachers to address mental health issues in teens. It makes them aware and provides a platform through which various mental health topics can be discussed. The system consists of:

1) An interactive magazine for guided parent-child conversations
2) A teacher dashboard to track progress and discuss it at parent-teacher meetings
3)Teacher resources to become non-specialized, community-based caregivers 

How does it work

Baatein Exhibited at the LDT Expo at Stanford, 2018:

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