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Science based activities aligned to grade 3 to 8 NCERT syllabus

Fitkids Education and Training is a parent company of a number of brands. Swati worked on on three of their offerings, Eureka by ThinklabsGAIT, and the yet to be launched Oodle Studio. You can find the GAIT curriculum work here.
Developing activities for Eureka gave her a wide and deep understanding of the NCERT science syllabus, especially for primary school. 


She also conducted a few training sessions for the Sales team at Eureka to get them to understand the entire design and development cycle of the product, to help with sales.


The Sales team was exposed to a Design thinking workshop. We guided them to create a few activities similar to the ones we designed for our customers.

This gave them an in-depth understanding of the design and development of the product. While the methodology of teaching adults was similar, the responses that we recived from them was quite different.


Here's an example of one of the activities designed for a Eureka kit. This one was an early prototype for an activity on States of Matter for Grade 5.

The number of balls represent the way particles are arranged in each of the states.  
The actual activities cannot be shared here due to confidentiality reasons.

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