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USEful NOtes
on PeoplE

An SEL resource book for pre-teens in India


Designed for Children

Jump Design India is a design studio that works for children, with you! 

What we do: We work on research, curriculum design and toy & game design.

For whom: We work with schools, NGOs and start-ups to:
- Build new digital & physical products and content
- Improve or expand existing interventions
- Research new ideas in Education, Learning and Toy Design

Our expertise: Design Thinking and Social-Emotional Learning (SEL); 

embedding ideas that create whole happy childhoods into all our work. 

Our aim: To create high-quality learning and play experiences for every child in India. 

Let's work together

Founded by NID and Stanford alumnus Swati Shelar we believe that all children deserve happy, fun, meaningful learning experiences. Write directly to Swati at to chat about education, SEL and design for children.

Currently, our most exciting in-house project is a book. It's a resource for Classroom SEL, with text, activities and reflection prompts for students, to be accompanied by workshops for teachers who want to implement an SEL curriculum in their schools. Sounds exciting? Get in touch! 

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